Develop your Farm Business Plan and Funding Strategy

In the Start Your Farm Intensive, you will flesh out your farm idea, craft your one page business plan, and discover the right funding options for your business.

Some of the Problems Farmers Face are:

  • You don’t know where to start
  • ​Examples are scarce
  • ​A 40 page business plan is overwhelming
  • Funding is confusing and scary
  • You have no clue if your idea is viable
  • ​There is information overload

The Start Your Farm Intensive will solve your most pressing questions

Get clear on your farm idea and structure

Craft your one page business plan

Know your numbers and metrics

Identify the right funding for your farm

Get crystal clear on your vision for your farm and how you will set it up.

You will learn:

  • What is the right business legal setup for your farm
  • Identifying who the right customer for your products are
  • Which marketing channels are right for your farm
  • ​The magic one sentence which will instantly tell you who your customers are

Write your simple business plan

You will learn:

  • How to use this flexible form to evaluate any enterprise in your business
  • Step by step instructions and examples on how to fill out this powerful sheet
  • How the various parts of your business fit together and where your profit centers are
  • ​The various pitfalls that could sink your business plan and how to avoid them
Section 3

Know your numbers and metrics for instant feedback

You will learn:

  • The financial terms that allow you to easily navigate this part of your business
  • How to read financial documents to tell your farm story
  • The key forms that the USDA requires for their loans
  • The one spreadsheet every farmer needs to instantly know their financial position
Section 4

Find the funding your farm needs

You will learn:

  • The 5 C’s of credit and how to evaluate your credit worthiness
  • When it is the right time to go for conventional funding
  • Best tips for crowdfunding and when to use that type of financing
  • Utilizing the extensive USDA/FSA/NRCS resources for farm financing
  • ​How grants fit into farm financing and when to apply for them.

What do students say about the Intensive?

Along the way, we will share the resources you need to succeed!

  • Example business plans so you can see exactly what is required
  • Sample financials that you can use as a guide
  • Worksheets and formulas to help you calculate your needs
  • ​The exact forms that lenders want to see along with tips for filling them out
  • Extensive list of lenders and grant resources

Don't waste money spinning your wheels on unprofitable ventures, or the wrong setup.

We get it- starting a farm is exciting, and you're super passionate, but you still need to make money. We don't want you to waste your life savings or go into debt only to continue to struggle.

We don't want you to grow the wrong crop for your area, or buy the wrong farm or property.

Worse, is the stress on you and your family. Causing family disagreements or not being there for them when they need us is very challenging.

Recently, a farmer went through our course, after reviewing the financials of a farm they were looking to buy, they caught that the seller wasn't sharing the entire financial picture. They backed out, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of headache and challenges.

The Start Your Farm Intensive includes:

We've added specific resources and trainings to help you succeed at starting and funding your farm:

Step-by-Step Video Lessons

Over 30 videos that walk you step by step through the entire process.  They are broken down into 4 sections, Ge clear on your farm plan, develop your business model canvas, analyze the numbers, and find your funding. These are short and sweet- no long boring lectures here.

Start Your Farm Blueprint

 Each lesson helps you develop a part of your Blueprint. This is your comprehensive plan and understanding of how to quickly, profitably start your farm. Going to funders confident, and showing them real numbers makes it so much easier to get funded and build the farm of your dreams.

Funding and Grant Guide

After you have developed your farm plan, it's time to get funded! Our guide walks you through various Ag-centric funding opportunities and lists a wide variety of farm grants as well. 

Enterprise CheatSheet

Wondering what crops or enterprises are right for your farm? We list 19 of the top enterprises that we see farmer succeeding with. We compare on cashflow timeframe, land requirements, infrastructure, water requirements, and startup costs.

Plan your Perfect Farm 
Discovery Process

Every farm is different- and we work with you in lesson 3 to deep dive into what you want YOUR farm too look like- you'll get clear on what your farm will feel like, how your stage of life affects what you build, and what resources you have to work with. This work is part holistic planning, part Michael's work with hundreds of farms.

Financial Templates

Part of every farm plan is the financials! We include Sheets/Excel Templates for you to easily create digital worksheets around your farm operation- Simply change one number and see your entire farm plan change as the sheets automatically calculate the change. We include the 6 key documents that every farm needs to plan.

Enterprise Budget Calculators

Part of every farm plan is the financials! We include Sheets/Excel Templates for you to easily create digital worksheets around your farm operation- Simply change one number and see your entire farm plan change as the sheets automatically calculate the change. We include the 6 key documents that every farm needs to plan.

Leave this course with a clear  road map to start your business!

 You will have:

✅ Clarity on your business structure, product              offering and value ladder
✅ Identified who your customers are and where          they hang out
✅ Crafted your “one liner” to easily tell                        prospective customers and investors
✅ A completed one page business plan to share          with family and potential investors and create           buy in.
✅ Examples of business plans, financial reports,        and necessary documents that you need
✅ A list of possible investors for the various                parts of your business
✅ And Much, Much More

Get the Clarity you need to start your farm journey right

No Matter what stage you are at, we have an option for you:

Self Study Course- 
go thought the course at your own pace

Limited Time Offer
The expert training and resources you need to start your farm right.
  • 30 Video Lessons
  • Dozens of resources and templates
  • Workbook to fill in as you go
  • Spreadsheets to help you pick your enterprise and lay out your financials
  • Bonus expert interviews on funding and cashflow management

VIP Intensive Experience
Get a personalized review of your farm plan and coaching by our farming experts team

Limited Time Offer
The expert training and resources you need to start your farm right.
  • Everything from the Self-Study Course
  • a 1 on 1 with our coaching team to review your business plan at anytime during the process
  • A curated, next step action plan based on your farm ideas
  • Detailed review of your farm idea and stress test to see potencial business health

Questions?   email us at

Live Beta Class
 30 day money back guarantee 
  • 4 live training sessions
  • workbooks and resources
  • sample business plans
  • financial templates
  • clarity on your farm business plan
  • Lifetime access to the recordings and resources
VIP Option- Class +1 hour review with our team
30 day money back guarantee 
  • 4 live training sessions
  • workbooks and resources
  • sample business plans
  • financial templates
  • We will personally review your plan and give business insight
  • Lifetime access to the recordings and resources

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Three Bonuses Added:

Wondering what the first year of a real farm startup looks like by the numbers? Ben Beichler will be sharing his story and showing you his financial documents in a special bonus training for the Intensive. He will focus on Enterprise budget and rolling cashflow spreadsheets. Not only did Ben land a very expensive farm, but 6 months into starting this farm, their major market channel started having serious challenges and Ben had to pivot rapidly. Knowing his plan and numbers allowed him to do that.

Enterprise Cheatsheet. We walk you through the most common farm enterprises (product lines) and share key aspects on which will fit best with your farm. Know what makes sense for your farm startup!

Our Thriving Farmer Summit  
Learn from 30 different speakers on what it takes to be a thriving farmer. In this FREE Online Conference you'll discover...

✅ How farmers are EXPLODING their sales and          rapidly going full-time with their farming dreams
✅ Deep dives into easy to grow, new, and                    specialty crops to reach untapped markets
✅ An honest look at where the regenerative                farming movement is headed, giving you a              clear picture of what customers are looking for so you can produce what they want and profit in 2020.
​✅ How to hire and train your team to prevent burnout and ease the daily farm stresses.
...and SO MUCH MORE!!!! 
(This retails for $197 alone!)

About the Teachers

Michael Kilpatrick 

Michael Kilpatrick is a farmer, educator, podcaster and leader in the farming space. He ran Kilpatrick Family Farm for a decade, and has reviewed and given input on dozens of farm business plans. He knows that a solid farm plan is worth months of trial and error and wasted resources.

Heidi Daniels

Heidi Daniels is the education lead at Growing Farmers. She runs a profitable farm and retail greenhouse business with her family, has worked with the USDA as well as banks and private lenders on multiple funding projects, and assists farmers in navigating through financial documents..

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens next?
This course is set up as a 30 day challenge. Each lesson is 6-12 minutes long. The goal is for you to spend 15 minutes a day over 30 days to finish the course, OR, you can watch one right after the other and finish sooner!!
What if I don't like it?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We ask that you do show up and do the work and need to see completed homework to request a refund.

Will you help me write my complete standard business plan?
No. Unless you are going for a conventional loan for startup (not mortgage) you usually don’t need a standard business plan. They are outdated, overwhelming, and frankly tossed aside within the first couple of months of actually running the business. We focus on the 1 page (which is actually an accumulation of several pages) and help you develop strong business financial modeling. If you need to develop a full business plan, we have a variety of amazing free and paid options to recommend to you.

Do you have financial numbers for every single enterprise?
No. While we can provide help with many of the more common ones, you may have to bring some numbers. In section two, we will cover various ways to find specific numbers for your business idea. We will focus on helping you figure out the business side so you can easily see if you will be profitable.

Where can I get farm grants?
Farm grants will be discussed at the end and we will cover the various types, purpose, and places to get them. Do realize that there is no such thing as free money, and there are typically a lot of strings attached to grants.

When will we run the next class?
We don't know- this is a beta class to test the course and get feedback. We do know that this price is the lowest it will ever be!
I have another question
Leave a message on our secure voicemail 518-744-5448 or email us at to get any other questions answered!

There has never been a better time to start a farm. Get the clarity you need to develop a profitable plan today!